Late Policy

Guests are given a 5-minute grace period after their scheduled appointment time. Guests later than 5 minutes will be rescheduled. If guest are able to been seen on the same day guest will be charged a $10 late fee.

No Show Policy

Guests who miss their reservation will be charged 100% of their booked service(s) price. Until the no show fee is paid guest will not be able to be seen for services. After 3 no shows guest will be placed on restricted status and will only be able to book services with a non-refundable deposit equal to 50% of the service(s).

Cancellation Policy

Guests are allotted up until 24 hours before service day to cancel appointment(s) without penalty. Four reschedules/cancellations in a row will count against the guest as a no show. Guests who reschedule for non-emergency purposes with less than 24 hours will be charged 100% of their scheduled services.

First Time Guest

Guests visiting Leaux Maintenance for the first time will receive 50% off of their visit. Services available for discount are as follows any female or male bikini services. All first time guest are required to place a card on file when booking.

Online Booking

All guests are required to place a card on file to book services online. Your card will not be charged until after you have received service. The system will post and then shortly remove a $1.00 charge to validate your card. Guests have the option to pay for services with another method of payment after receiving service. All reservations over $150 require a deposit of %50 that will be credited towards services. Guest who fail to receive service will forfeit said deposit. Deposit is  due at the time of booking. failure to pay will result in the cancellation of your reservation. All reservation request must be approved before guests can recieve service.


All services are non-refundable 

Packages are non-refundable. All products are non-refundable

Returned charges

Guests will be charged $35 per returned debit, credit, and or package purchase. 


When booking with a Groupon please leave your voucher number in the comment section. Groupons are only to be redeemed by new guest of Leaux Maintenance Wax Bar.

Guests are allow to redeem up to 2 services via Groupon. 


Refer a friend and receive 15% off your next service after friends visit.